Dermapeu Carboxi

The Biogaxer is a CO2 doser for medical use that incorporates 4 levels of continuous flow at low pressure which guarantee the uninterrupted supply of the selected dose with great accuracy and safety.   The controlled and continuous flow at low pressure, allows its application in procedures performed in sensitive areas such as the peri-orbital area, wounds, scars and in general, in areas where other dispensers would do the task impossible or with much risk of causing damage and much pain.   The low pressure and continuous flow allows the slow perfusion of the gas, without the abrupt stimulation of the nociceptors responsible for the sensation of pain.

Technical specifications: 

Continuous Flow Levels: 10 ml / min

20 ml / min

30 ml / min

40 ml / min

Pressure at the entrance: 10 PSI

Operating Voltage: 110V (220V Optional)

Current: 2.2 Amps

Power: 250 W

Weight 16 Kgr.

Dimensions of the equipment: 40 x 50 x 110 cms