About Us

It can be said that the world of Aesthetics has two sides. For centuries, human beings have been seeking to improve their appearance in order to look amazing, feel healthy, and gain confidence. 

But now, with new beauty trends constantly improving and technology advancing at the speed of light, the beauty and health industry has a growing need for individuals and companies to stay up-to-date with all of the above. Cosmetic service professionals such as beauticians, stylists, and cosmetologists are all looking something that will give them an edge over their competitors.  Owners of beauty centers, spas, and others alike are looking for the best Cosmetic equipment and supplies to service the needs of their demanding audience market clientele.

DERMAPEU was born precisely for that reason. Our goal is to provide the best machinery, logistical support, sales advice, and training to beauty centers all over the world. Both domestically and internationally, DERMAPEU brings you top quality aesthetic equipment and supplies from only the top brands. Additionally, we are committed to your success by offering in-depth machinery training both by live video training and/or dedicated on-site training by our best service personnel. We believe this will allow our clients, the industry professionals, the ability to focus and execute their services with precision and peak performance. With these things in mind, we believe we can be your number one beauty equipment supplier for years to come.


In a world with demands for permanent evolution, we offer top-line aesthetic medicine products that pursue scientific rigor, understanding, innovation and leading approaches in a highly competitive industry. We believe that research and science bring innovative ideas and efficient solutions to improve our proposal day by day, taking into account both the excellence in the performance of the equipment and the experience of comfort and well-being in the users.


We want to become the most chosen company for aesthetic medicine solutions in Latin America, America and Europe, creating a safe and inclusive work environment for our employees and increasing the economic growth of the communities where we operate. In addition to commercial development, our company actively works to implement initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint and promote an active and healthy life.

Our Team:

We have a qualified group of engineers, designers, doctors and other professionals who are working as a team to seek excellence and achieve the most efficient results in terms of quality, safety, performance and durability.