What you learn

  • What is BBGlow
  • What dose BBGlow do?
  • Contra Indication
  • Consultation
  • Tool equipment and ingredients
  • Introduction to treatment with step by step practice
  • After care and advice

    This is the starter kit includes.

    • Derma-Pen can range 
    • ​Modules (cartridges) sterile and disposable.
    • Stayve ​Starter Kit.
    • ​Stayve Booster Kit.

      Clients who will benefit from this treatment

      Dull, unhealthy and uneven complexion
      Hypo pigmentation (discoloration)
      Hyper pigmentation

      Acne and post acne
      Pigment and age spots
      Deep age wrinkles
      Extended, large pores
      Premature wilting and flabbiness
      All skin types

        What you will receive

        - A very High quality professional B.B. Glow treatment video demonstration⁠
        - 1 Stayve BB Glow starter kit⁠
        - 1 Stayve Booster Kit⁠
        - 1 Exfoliant foam and 1 Neutralising gel by Stayve⁠
        - Our Gold Dr. Pen with 6 month of warranty⁠
        - 3 weeks full free support by our trainer
        - BB glow Certification

        - PDF Guide with all content
        All materials are in the English and Spanish language.⁠